Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tips To Ease The Pain

- Watch out for diarrhea: It may seem strange, but it is not only hard stools that may increase the state anal fissures, but also diarrhea.

Why? Says Dr. Schuster: "The liquid stool may weaken the tissues surrounding it, also contains acid may burn the interior region, thus causing some sort of rash, which increases your suffering and your pain."

- Watch out for nails: Some are forced under the influence of acupuncture to rub the affected area, but the nails may help a lot in increasing the cracks, and lead to more pain, says Dr. John Lauder (family doctor who specializes in nutrition and preventive medicine in Lawrence, Calif.): "The passing nails sharp above the anus minute, can cause a rupture of the tissues ulcerated previously.” Diseaseless review

- Use some creams: "The topical creams that acted without a prescription, which contains hydrocortisone, may be very helpful in reducing the inflammation that often accompanies the cracks." He also advises doctors using creams that contain vitamins (A and B) that help heal wounds.

- Use hot water: Dr Edmund Leaf (a surgeon in the colon and rectum in Arizona): "You're either filled the bathtub with hot water and sat in it , or sit in a tub of hot water, the warm water helps the muscles in the affected area to relax, and thus less pain. "

- Abstained from certain foods: While there are certain foods such cracks, there are foods may increase the irritation of the affected area, which is advised doctors to refrain them, such as "food spicy and warm."

- Use special pillow: Sitting during injury anal might be troublesome, and the least said about that pain, says Dr. Lauder: "It can make you and avoid pain, choosing one pillows filled with fluid or pillows made in the form of "donut" and available at many major pharmacies and retail medical instruments ", feel free ken drew official webpage



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